During times of trauma, there are countless emotional and physical challenges we must face. One such challenge is a thorough clean-up of any affected area. BIOGONE is a professional hazardous cleanup and removal company that specializes in private, commercial and municipal operations.

Our trained professionals will perform all cleanup and removal required to restore your area to a healthy reusable environment.

Aside from any obvious items or fluids that may be visible, there is always residue that may have been absorbed or is airborne. These areas need to be professionally treated to prevent the transmission of any contamination and to restore the area to a healthy state. Our chemicals and techniques are federally recognized to eliminate any physical and airborne hazards. BIOGONE will insure that the immediate and surrounding areas are safe and healthy for future use.

Hazardous Cleanup/Removal Services:
Critical Care BioRecovery Clients:
Crime and Trauma Scenes
Unattended Deaths / Suicides
Medical Waste Disposal
Industrial Accidents
Medical Emergencies
Odor Elimination
Trash Houses
Compulsive Hoarding / Gross Filth
Animal Droppings
Business Owners
- Police, Fire & Rescue Dept
- Coroner's Office
Landlords & Property Managers
Commercial Properties
Industrial Sites and Complexes

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